How we can help you Love Coffee as much as we do 


The Cool Bean Co is dedicated to excellence. 

"Let the experts specialise in their field and let us come together to deliver qaulity"

The The Cool Bean Co research beans, they look at each bean like it was fresh produce. When we visit our roasters it's like we are at the Farmers Market - we look at consistency, imperfections and shapes; if the bean has deformities it is important to know how it happened and where in the supply chain it occured.

We scrutinise all elements from supply of the green beans to delivery of our beautifully Freshly Roasted Espresso Beans to ensure that the end experience will be favourable for our customers satisfaction.


The Cool Bean Co is happy to speak with businesses about their coffee requirements.With a wide range of blends, origins and strength of coffee available we are confident we can achieve the perfect harmony between the supplier and the customer.


The Cool Bean Co has had over 20 years in the Cafe and Hospitality Industry. As experienced business owners and managers we are passionate about passing on our knowledge to help new entrepreneurs open their dream business and work with them to build their own strong and successful brand.

From site location, signing the lease, sourcing equipment to hiring staff 

The Cool Bean Co will be there with you on your journey whilst believing your signature personality remains the essence of your new dream coffee shop.

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